The Lethian is a novel for late teens and young adults by rufiangel. You can purchase or preview the book on the official website. 

The official blurb at the back of the book is as follows:

When nine year old Sharie loses her family to the city's most prolific crime syndicate, Baklei, it ignites in her a howling thirst for revenge.

In pursuit of strength, she becomes the first disciple of Jeremiah, a Lethian martial artist. When Sharie becomes a Lethian Novice at sixteen, Jeremiah is called back to the Academy and Sharie must return to the city. Against his orders she jumps into the DKC, Baklei's underground fighting circuit, in her search for her sister's killer. Determined to take back what she lost, she is drawn into a deeper world of drugs, prostitution, and brutality...
TL;DR version: The Lethian is a martial-arts fantasy action based in a contemporary setting. If you enjoy some fighting action with a dash of mystery, grit and elemental magicky stuff, then The Lethian should be right up your alley.
So what is this page doing here?
Well, rufiangel is also an artist (Serpamia Flare being a primary example of her work) and wanted to produce some comic art to accompany the novel. These will be short stories - excerpts, if you will - that either precede the events in the book, or happen during them. If they interest you and you'd like to see more, please consider reading the novel in full. :)